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No subsystem


IDEA-63065 (Bug)

Idea 10 intermittent hangs

IDEA-63145 (Bug)

Invalid operation for read only resultset

IDEA-62107 (Bug)

FocusKiller" library not found or there were problems loading it.

IDEA-62874 (Bug)

Unable to create a Module Library containing Jar Directories

IDEA-51434 (Bug)

unshelf turns added files into unversioned

WI-3171 (Bug)

Ctrl+click on field name in sql file: PhpStorm opens data source panel but doesn't scroll to field

IDEA-63224 (Bug)

Debugger problem: breakpointer is unavailable for changed code in IDEA > 9.0.1

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-24857 (Exception)

Error deploying to geronimo server

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-63336 (Bug)

'Unnecessarily qualified statically imported element' fails for assignments between two variables with the same name.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-62756 (Bug)

apply quick fix: change signature -> changes files are visible in Changes | Local only after force-refresh



IDEA-62703 (Bug)

Pressing Alt-Right in the diff viewer causes a window switch



IDEA-63254 (Bug)

Data Source Properties dialog: closing without focusing of Schemas and Tables page clears the selection on that page

IDEA-62776 (Exception)

Sybase Data Source throws an exception when connecting to a database



IDEA-63206 (Bug)

Javascript: Inline Local Variable (Ctrl+Alt+N) refactoring does nothing

Flex Support


IDEA-63006 (Bug)

self-executing functions produce warning unused function

IDEA-63123 (Bug)

Flex component event handlers Refactoring problem

IDEA-62670 (Bug)

"Create Field from parameter" requires 1-2 steps more now

IDEA-62835 (Bug)

incorrect completion for "include" path

IDEA-62855 (Bug)

Invalid code inspection behaviour for ActionScript: "Unused parameter"

IDEA-60335 (Bug)

Flex: Bad code green: "Function does not return a value" not caught

IDEA-63074 (Bug)

flex: good code red: function declared with explicit untyped return type does not require return

IDEA-63080 (Bug)

flex: code completion: don't suggest language keywords or constants inside metadata tags

IDEA-63142 (Exception)

flex: IAE at ValidateTypesUtil.getHighlightTypeForTypeOrSignatureProblem



IDEA-62930 (Performance Problem)

Slow error highlighting with 'Spring Support' plugin enabled

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-53760 (Bug)

Error on CVS commit

User Interface


IDEA-54553 (Bug)

Command-M on Mac does not minimize IDEA window

Google App Engine


IDEA-63068 (Bug)

Google App Engine Dev mode cannot compile JSPs

Maven Integration


IDEA-63044 (Performance Problem)

Maven dependencies graph is slow



IDEA-25475 (Bug)

SQL: Ctrl-B does not clear existing selection in Datasources pane



IDEA-63247 (Bug) duplicate entry (XML file)

IDEA-63255 (Bug)

Error when compile Android project

IDEA-62762 (Bug)

Can't upload file: null.

XML editing


IDEA-62212 (Bug)

Required namespace prefix is not added on required subtags generation with Alt-Ins

OSGi Support


IDEA-62772 (Bug)

OSGI support: incorrect paths are used by compiler if project-wide osgi output directory or module output directory are used

IDE Configuration


IDEA-63022 (Bug)

disabling plugin asks to enable it dependencies