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Build 2021.2.10

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12 Fixed issues
12 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13853 Auto-import of missing implicit arguments / conversions
  • SCL-19022 No "extends" keyword autocompletion in Scala 3 code
  • SCL-19124 Autocompletion doesn't work for typeclasses with 2+ parameters
  • SCL-19125 scala 3 sdk is not found among the scala sdks after downloading (or even not downloaded)
  • SCL-17273 An ability to create Scala 3 SDKs automatically
  • SCL-19147 New 'Replace with *' refactoring for -Xsource:3 users makes broken code
  • SCL-19164 theme is not applied to the "select scala sdk" dialog title bar
  • SCL-18643 debugger: value hints are not shown at usage place like in java
  • SCL-19161 Scala SDK version selection dialog: hard too see that there are Scala3 versions in the dropdown list
  • SCL-19062 support evaluation of top level methods
  • SCL-19130 Integrate Package Search APIs to search for dependencies directly from editor
  • SCL-17018 "No Scala (version) in the Ivy repository" exception thrown when cancelling scala download via Ivy

Build 2021.2.9

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