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  • Calcutta 4.1 EAP (build 8725) Release Notes

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  • Move build configuration to another project.
  • Download all artifacts in .zip archive.
  • Builds with my changes now has have "Changes" block highlighted to make them visually stand out.
  • Non-direct dependencies are displayed on the build Dependencies tab.
  • Agents can be disabled with a timeout (useful when disabling an agent for current issue investigation).
  • User can now leave a comment on build configuration pausing.
  • Sources retrieving is made more robust: when a build encounters an error, the attempt is retried several times before reporting a build failure.
  • VCS roots page on the administration UI displays VCS errors, the list is also broken down into pages.
  • JVM crashes and Java OutOfMemory errors are now detected and build summary is changed accordingly. If OOM heap dump is detected, it is automatically uploaded as a build artifact.
  • TeamCity server disk space watcher will notify if disk space available for artifacts and build logs is less then threshold (10Mb). Watcher is enabled only if TeamCity server is running under the Java 1.6.
  • TFS sources labeling is now supported. Improved TFS checkout on agent.
  • Nant runner supports specification of the target framework (-targetframework: option).
  • MSTest 2005 is now supported in addition to MSTest 2008
  • Bundled Ant is updated to 1.7.1
  • Bundled IntelliJ IDEA is updated to 8.1
  • Use updated SVNKit library for Subversion support (1.2.2 build 5455)