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Workspace options

If needed, you can set here the following options for the p4 client command: Options, SubmitOptions, and LineEnd.
(info) For specific environments, P4Host can be specified here for any  type of checkout.  

Create non-stream workspace

Enable this option to be able to use checkout rules. Commits from a build agent will be forbidden.

Run 'p4 clean' for cleanup

Enable this option to clean up your workspace from extra files before a build (since p4 2014.1) When enabled, the p4 clean command will be run before p4 sync command, unless p4 sync -f or p4 sync -p is used. See the p4 sync command reference.

Skip the have list update:

Enable this option not to track files on the Perforce server on sync (always transfer all files to the agent, p4 sync -p)

Extra sync options

Specify additional 'p4 sync' options, like --parallel. See p4 sync command reference.