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New Shelved statusstate

In recent years, we have been getting more and more suggestions in our issue tracker on how we could improve our product, and we really appreciate your ideas and enthusiasm! While all these are incredible suggestions in their own right, unfortunately, we can’t implement all of them as fast as we’d like to.

We're determined to work on the task of bringing more transparency to our roadmap.  As part of this bigger effort to give a more realistic insight into the features we are going to implement from your suggestions, we need to break all the suggestions down into priorities. Things that we will work on and things that would be good to have, but right now we can’t allocate resources to them - so we decided to create a new status state for YouTrack issues - “Shelved”.


“Shelved” is the new status state given to submitted issues that we have reviewed and decided while they have merit, and could be a good thing to implement at some point, currently we cannot plan for them. So we have “shelved” them so they may be considered in the future.

Why do we need this new statusstate?

We want to share our plans with you, and to give a clearer picture of what the next several releases of the IntelliJ-based product are going to bring. If a suggestion is in the active status state - it means that we’ve started working on it, while some other issues that we don’t plan to implement in the foreseeable future will receive a “Shelved” statusstate.

Does this mean that you’ll never implement this feature?