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  • Kanpur 2019.1 EAP1 (build 65427) Release Notes

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The new UI is in the experimental stage, and you can switch to it using the icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. There is also a new setting in your profile enabling the experimental UI by default. As not all the features are supported by the new UI, it is easy to go back to the classic TeamCity style when needed.

Canceling Build via Service Message

There can be cases when you need to cancel a build from a script, e.g. a build cannot proceed normally due to the environment, or a build should be canceled form a subprocess, etc. And while it has been possible to use the TeamCity REST API to cancel a build, in this case, the build script ends up being complicated as you need to pass the build ID, the server URL, as well as the authentication parameters (username and password) to the script.