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  • What's new in MPS 2018.3 (draft)

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Also the finders distributed by MPS got updated and optimized.

Furthermore, in order to execute a finder asynchornously asynchronously one needs to use a special OnEachNodeFoundByExpression, which represents a simple finder invocation with a callback which is executed for each found node.


Consequently the find usages options executed on a concept have been changed.

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The options have been extended with Derived Concepts and Concept Ancestors, which yield the list of subconcepts and superconcepts, respectively.

Also the find usages options of the behavior methods have been extended with "Overridden Methods" and "Overriding Methods".

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Suppressing specific errors


Retrieving nodes containing data performs quite the similar way as it used to be:

BuildMps_IdeaPlugin packaging option

The custom packaging option in the BuildMps_IdeaPlugin (the idea plugin declaration) got deprecated.

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Instead one had to choose the possible layout packaging right in the layout BuildMpsLayout_Plugin construction.

There are two possible options for now. One is auto packaging, that behavior corresponds to the absent "custom packaging" flag in the 2018.2 version, meaning

that all the provided languages and solutions are put into the 'languages' folder under the plugin root directory.

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The second corresponds to the present 'custom packaging' options at all of the items listed in the BuildMps_IdeaPlugin declaration.

It implies that the developer has to provide the whole plugin layout on his own.

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