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The selected error message will be suppressed for the node and all its descendants while other messages remain present. For more information see the documentation page.


Saving migration data as annotations

Migration scripts communicate with each other using migration data, special fragments of AST which are produced by some migration script and consumed by another one. In previous MPS versions, these data fragments were stored in special files laying somewhere nearby the module descriptor. This approach had the main disadvantage that such files with migration data cannot be merged easily if modified in two branches simultaneously. Now MPS supports another mechanism of transferring migration data which is highly recommended for newly created migrations. Produced node containing data should be now attached to any node that is close enough to the place to which the data is related. If there is no specific place to put annotation because it is related to the whole model, data node will be attached as a new root in current model.

Migration script producing nodes with data should declare the concept of such nodes and use putData() construction to insert each of such annotations into the model:

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Retrieving nodes containing data performs quite the similar way as it used to be:

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