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  • Jaipur 2018.2 EAP2 (build 60663) Release Notes

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The GitHub pull requests build feature lets you automatically load GitHub pull requests information and run builds on pull request branches. You no longer need to provide a VCS root branch specification like refs/pull/*/head. Moreover, pull requests can be filtered by target branch as well as by author.

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You can choose to build

  • PRs coming from the members of the same organization only
  • PRs from the members and all external collaborators
  • PRs from everybody
    After a build is run on a pull request, TeamCity will provide additional details for the pull request branch on the build overview page



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Other improvements

  • TeamCity now uses HSQL 2.4.1 as the default internal database.

  • The bundled .NET Tools (dotCover and ReSharper CLT) have been upgraded to the latest released version, 2018.1.4

  • TeamCity built-in NuGet feed supports references for per-project feeds

  • Several improvements  have been added to the TeamCity UI

  • All fixed issues