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To help you track the condition of your projects and individual build configurations over time, TeamCity gathers statistical data across all their history and displays it as visual charts. To learn more about the charts, refer to Statistic Charts. This  This page describes how to modify the pre-defined project-level charts, and .

Refer to a separate page to add custom charts on the project or build configuration level:.

Table of Contents

Modifying Pre-defined Project-level Charts


To modify pre-defined project level charts, you need to configure the <TeamCity data directoryData Directory>/config/projects/<project_name>/pluginData/plugin-settings.xml file. In this file a similar format is used for all types of pre-defined graphs:


To disable charts of particular type for a project, use the following syntax:

Code Block

<coverage-graph enabled="false"/>



Adding Custom Project- and Build Configuration-level Charts

Please refer to the Custom Chart page for details.

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