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|| Software || Version || License ||
|[Alloy L&F|http.babelrc JSON Schema (.babelrc-schema.json)|]| 1.4.4|[link (company license)|]|
|[Antlr|]| 3.4|[BSD|]| JSON schema for Babel 6+ configuration files|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[.eslintrc JSON Schema (.eslintrc-schema.json)|]| JSON schema for ESLint 4 configuration files|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Axis|]| 1.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Codec|]| 1.8|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Compress|]| 1.10|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Discovery|]| 0.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons HTTPClient|]| 3.1  (with patch by JetBrains)|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Imaging (JetBrains's fork)|]| 1.0-RC|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Lang|]| 2.6|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Logging|]| 1.1.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons Net|]| 3.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Apache Commons VFS|]| 2.1 trunk (with patches by JetBrains)|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[ASM Bytecode Manipulation Framework|]| 6.0 (with patches by JetBrains)|[BSD|]|
|[Automaton|]| 1.11|[BSD|]|
|[Axis|]| 1.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Batik SVG Toolkit|]| 1.7|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[batik|]| 1.7.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[bouncy-castle-provider|]| 1.55|[MIT License|]|
|[CGLib|]| 2.2.2|[Apache|]|
|[Command Line Interface Parser for Java|]| 1.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons Cli|]| 1.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons Codec|]| 1.8|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons IO|]| 2.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons IO|]| 2.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons Lang|]| 2.6|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Commons Logging|]| 1.1.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[eslint|]| 3.17|[MIT|]|
|[FiraCode|]| 1.200|OFL|
|[FST|]| 2.56|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Google Blink source code|]| |[Creative Commons Attributions 2.5|]|
|[Groovy|]| 2.4.6|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Gson|]| 2.2.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Gson|]| 2.2.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Guava|]| 19.0|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[HttpComponents HttpClient|]| 4.3.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[hunspellJNA|]| 1.3.2|[LGPL|]|
|[ImageIO|]| 3.2.1|[BSD|]|
|[imgscalr|]| 4.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Inconsolata|]| 001.010|OFL|
|[ini4j|http (JetBrains's fork)|]| 0.5.2 (with a patch by JetBrains)5-1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[ISO RELAX|]| |[MIT License|]|
|[Jackson Annotations|]| 2.6.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Annotations|]| 2.8.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Core|]| 2.6.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Core|]| 2.8.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Databind|]| 2.6.4|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Databind|]| 2.8.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson Dataformat YAML|]| 2.7.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jackson|]| 2.5.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jakarta ORO|]| 2.0.8|[Apache|]|
|[JavaCVS|]| no version number available (with patches by JetBrains)|[Sun Public License|]|
|[JavaHelp|]| 2.0_02|included as license/javahelp_license.html in IntelliJ IDEA distribution|
|[Javassist|]| 3.18.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Jaxen|]| |[modified Apache|]|
|[jayatana|]| 1.2.4|[MIT License|]|
|[JCL over SLF4J|]| 1.7.12|[MIT|]|
|[JCodings|]| 1.0.7|[MIT|]|
|[JDOM|]| 1.1 (with patches by JetBrains)|[modified Apache|]|
|[JediTerm|]| 2.2.17|[LGPL 2|]|
|[Jettison|]| 1.3.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[JGit|]| 4.0|[Eclipse Distribution License 1.0|]|
|[JGoodies Forms|]| 1.1-preview 2006-05-04 11:55:37|[BSD|]|
|[Jing|]| |[New BSD|]|
|[JNA|]| 4.5.0|[LGPL 2.1|]|
|[Joni|]| 1.1.7|[MIT|]|
|[JRuby Parser|]| 0.5.3|[CPL 1.0|]|
|[JRuby Parser|]| 0.5.4|[CPL 1.0|]|
|[jsch-agent-proxy for svnkit trilead|]| 0.0.9|[BSD|]|
|[jsch-agent-proxy|httpsJSch|]| 0.01.953|[BSD|https]|
|[JSchJSON Schema (schema.json)|]| 0.1.53|[BSD|]| draft-04|[Simplified BSD License|]|
|[JSON Schema for Typings TypeScript definitions manager (typings-schema.json)|]| |[Apache 2.0|]|
|[JSON Schema|]| |[Apache 2.0|]|
|[json-path|]| 0.8.0|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[json-smart|]| 1.1.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[JUnit|]| 4.11|CPL 1.0|
|[jzlib|]| 1.1.1|[BSD|]|
|[Lobo evolution|]| 0.98.6 (with patches by JetBrains)|[MIT|]|
|[Log4j|]| 1.2.17|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[lz4-java|]| 1.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[markdown4j|]| 2.2|[New BSD|]|
|[markdownj|]| 0.4.2|[New BSD|]|
|[markdownj|]| 0.4.2|[New BSD|]|
|[markdownj|]| |[BSD|]|
|[mercurial_prompthooks|]| |[GPLv2 (used as hg extension called from hg executable)|]|
|[Microba|]| 0.4.2|[BSD|]|
|[MigLayout|]| 5.0.0|[BSD|]|
|[NanoXML|]| 2.2.3|[zlib/libpng|]|
|[Netty|]| 4.1.6|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[OpenJDK|]| 1.8.0|[GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception|]|
|[OSGi Resource Locator|]| 1.0.1|[CDDL|]|
|[owasp-java-html-sanitizer|]| 20160413.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[package.json JSON Schema (packageJsonSchema.json)|]| |[Apache 2.0|]|
|[PicoContainer|]| 1.2|[BSD|]|
|[Plantuml|]| 1.2017.18|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Proxy Vole|]| 1.0.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[pty4j|]| 0.7.1|Eclipse Public License v1.0|
|[PureJavaComm|]| 0.0.16|BSD|
|[Q|]| 1.4.1|[MIT|]|
|[Relax NG Object Model|]| |[MIT|]|
|[Rhino JavaScript Engine|]| 1.7R4|[MPL 1.1|]|
|[RMI Stubs|]| |[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Roboto|]| 1.100141|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Saxon-6.5.5|]| 6.5.5|[Mozilla Public License|]|
|[Saxon-9HE|]| 9|[Mozilla Public License|]|
|[Sequence|]| bundled with SVNKit|BSD (see LICENSE.txt in sequence-library.jar)|
|[Slf4j|]| 1.7.10|[MIT License|]|
|[SnakeYAML|]| 1.13|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[SnakeYAML|]| 1.17|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Snappy-Java|]| 0.5.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[SourceCodePro|]| 2.010|OFL|
|[sqljet|]| bundled with SVNKit|[link (commercial license)|]|
|[StreamEx|]| 0.6.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[svnkit-javahl|]| bundled with SVNKit|[link (commercial licenseStylelint JSON Schema (.stylelintrc-schema.json)|]|
|[SVNKit|]| 1.8.12|[link (commercial license)src/schemas/json/stylelintrc.json]| |[Apache 2.0|]|
|[swingx|]| 1.6.2-2|[LGPL 2.1|]|
|[Tomcat Juli|]| 8.0.22|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Tomcat Util|]| 8.0.22|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Trang|]| |[New BSD|]|
|[Trilead SSH build213|]| build213|BSD style (see LICENSE.txt in trilead-ssh2-build213.jar)|
|[Trilead SSH|http]| build220|build-217-jenkins-11|[BSD style (see LICENSE.txt in |]|
|[Trove4j|]| 1.1 (with patches by JetBrains)|[LGPL|]|
|[TypeScripttsconfig JSON Schema (tsconfig-schema.json)|]| 1.6.2|[Apache 2.0|httphttps://wwwgithub.apache.orgcom/licenses/LICENSE-2.0SchemaStore/schemastore/blob/master/]|
|[UnidecodeTSLint JSON Schema (tslint-schema.json)|]| 0|[Apache 2.0.7|[MIT|]|
|[VelocityTypeScript|http]| 1.76.2|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Visual Studio Code Extension for React NativeUnidecode|]| 0.20.07|[MIT|]|
|[Velocity|]| 1.7|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[w3-css-validator|]| 2.2.6|[W3C|]|
|[winp|httpwebpack 2.x-3.x JSON Schema (webpack-schema.json)|https://javagithub.netcom/projects/winpwebpack/webpack/blob/master/schemas/WebpackOptions.json]| 1.232.x-3.x|[MIT|httphttps://opensourcegithub.orgcom/licenses/mit-license.phpwebpack/webpack/blob/master/LICENSE]|
|[ws: a node.js websocket librarywebpack 4.x JSON Schema (webpack-schema4.json)|]| 14.0.1x|[MIT|]|
|[winp|]| 1.23|[MIT|]|
|[Xalan|]| 2.7.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Xerces|]| 2.11|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[Xerial SQLite JDBC|]| 3.1620.1|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[XML Pull Parser|]|,|[BSD|]|
|[xml-apis-ext|]| 1.3|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[XML-RPC|]| 2.0|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[XMLBeans|]| 2.3.0|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[xmlgraphics-commons|]| 1.5|[Apache 2.0|]|
|[XStream|]| 1.4.2|[BSD License|]|
|[XStream|]| 1.4.3|[BSD|]|
|[XZ for Java|]| 1.5|Public Domain|
|[yFiles|]| |commercial, available on request|
|[YourKit Java Profiler|]| 8.0.x|[link (commercial license)|]|