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Build 2017.2.11

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31 Fixed issues
31 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12450 IntelliJ IDEA Run Scala Console throwing exception
  • SCL-12435 implicit conversions from LowPriorityImplicit via scala.Predef are not shown in completion
  • SCL-12623 Internal error InferUtil$SafeCheckException when run simplification inspections on attached project
  • SCL-3536 Alignment of extends block
  • SCL-4290 "Chained method calls / Align when multiline" removes indentation
  • SCL-12375 Good code red: overloaded apply method from implicit conversion on object's superclass
  • SCL-12452 Incorrect highlighting on implicit single class apply
  • SCL-12474 IIE when add type annotation in Play2TemplateBlock
  • SCL-12482 Type annotation required inspection doesn't add type for underscore parameter
  • SCL-12416 Two single-line comments break indentation in function definition
  • SCL-12360 Synthetic import statements are not processed
  • SCL-9387 For Yield Formatting issue
  • SCL-12527 scala.meta macro expansion fails
  • SCL-12066 reorganize imports does not adhere to formatting rules
  • SCL-12258 formatter removes indention of first comment in for block
  • SCL-12297 Comment and annotation before single-expression Scala method breaks indentation
  • SCL-12473 Type annotation inspection doesn't see annotated type for function parameters
  • SCL-12353 Formatter 'Blank Lines' -> 'Around field' and 'Around field in interface' add blank lines also inside methods
  • SCL-12483 Remove Type Annotation intention on _ parameter throws an exception
  • SCL-12523 Meta annotation expansion improperly handles destructuring
  • SCL-12347 Formatting: Partial function arguments on multiple lines get formatted to a single line
  • SCL-12506 Add type annotation intention adds excessive parentheses inside {}
  • SCL-12505 Add type annotation intention adds excessive parentheses to underscore parameter argument
  • SCL-12509 Good code red "Value classes can have only one parameter" with scala meta macro annotation
  • SCL-12465 Redundant parentheses in macro expansion
  • SCL-10845 Wrongly reports error for method overloaded by implicit class
  • SCL-12309 We forget to set space between class_name and curly_brace after completion
  • SCL-12576 function types with single parameters may be rendered without parentheses
  • SCL-12314 Formatter prefers to break function parameters on ":" rather than ","
  • SCL-12337 Resolve fails on adding 'this' qualifier to implicit call
  • SCL-12551 Parameter type not substituted for parametherized java types

Build 2017.3.4

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