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  • Indore 2017.2 EAP3 (build 49972) Release Notes

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Docker Support Improvements

  • Now TeamCity reports the Docker server host operating system via the docker.server.version and docker.server.osType configuration parameters on all platforms including Windows.


  • You can now opt to perform the "docker pull" command before starting a build step with the Docker


Cloud Agents

  • Manual termination: when using cloud agents, you can now choose to stop the instance after current build using the corresponding new option on the agent page - the agent will terminate gracefully. It is also possible to force instance termination if required.
  • Now in a number of places in the UI TeamCity provides human readable agent name instead of the image name

Other Improvements


  • The Command Line Runner can now log stderr output as error messages. We’ve added an option the Format stderr output as option with warnings/errors selector (warnings is the default value, as before)