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Comment: related to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-36984


teamcity-server.log  reports that the unsupported "NOCOUNT" option is enabled on the MS SQL database server.  Contact your DBA to disable the setting as described here.

MySQL JDBC driver error: PacketTooBigException

The  ER_NET_PACKET_TOO_LARGE error (PacketTooBigException / Packet for query is too large) is caused by the server-side  max_allowed_packet configuration variable set to a low value or left at the default one.

(info) The variable controls the maximum size of MySQL communication buffer with 4MB being the default for Windows builds of MySQL 5.6, whereas in popular Linux distributions (e. g. Debian and Fedora Core), this variable defaults to 16MB, for both i686 and amd64 architectures.


  1. Check the value of  max_allowed_packet  configuration variable by either examining  my.cnf / my.ini , or via 

    Code Block
    mysql> show variables like 'max_allowed_packet';


  2. Increase (or explicitly set) the value of max_allowed_packet  configuration variable in  my.cnf  or  my.ini :

    Code Block



Setting a client-side value (via  maxAllowedPacket  connection property) in the JDBC URL will have no effect, as this value cannot exceed the server-side limit.



Database character set/collation-related problems