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  • TeamCity 10.0.5 (build 42677) Release Notes

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  • TW-48440 - High CPU usage because of several /app/rest/projects calls computing user visible projects
  • TW-48475 - Projects-related REST API queries can be slow-ish (many Project.getParent calls)
  • TW-48548 - Bad performance while opening popups in build configuration settings with Internet Explorer.
  • TW-48670 - High CPU and memory usage on startup when there is many (20k) build configurations
  • TW-48678 - Calculate .net tfs libs availability only once
  • TW-48697 - Since upgrading to TeamCity 10.0.4, users are reporting sporadic unresponsiveness in the web UI (many update agent set last_binding_timestamp = ? where id=? sql queries)