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Consider working with the plugin repository

Ask Yegor.Yarko for details.

The plugins list has moved to JetBrains Plugin repository where you can search, vote and comment on the plugins.

Plugin author? You can claim existing plugins or add your plugin there.

See also the list of Open-source Bundled Plugins

This page is preserved for historical reasons to list the plugins added before October 2016.



  • TCity - Android app

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    TeamCity Admin for Android - an Android app ( link does not work anymore{hidden-data}

  • TeamCityApp Beta - an Android app to manage TeamCity builds
  • TeamCity Downloader - an Android app to browse and download build artifacts
  • TeamCity Widget for Android - an Android dashboard widget


  • My City - Windows Phone app

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    by Michael Dumont{hidden-data}

  • TeamCityMetro - Windows Phone app

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    by Paul Stack and Gary Park, also have twitter account{hidden-data}



  • Advanced Installer - builds Advanced Installer setup projects
  • Apica LoadTest - runs web site performance tests using Apica LoadTest and presents the results and statistics on a build results tab
  • Android Runner - builds an Android package (.apk) from your Android project (obsolete, use bundled IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner instead)
  • Android Emulator
  • Ansible Runner -  an ansible-playbook build runner. Adds the 'Ansible' runner type to the new build step creation dialog and the 'Ansible Log' tab to build result pages.
  • AWS CodeDeploy  - uploads appllication to S3, registers it in an AWS CodeDeploy applciation and creates a deployment
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk - deploys to Elastic Beanstalk
  • BlazeMeter - adds a runner to run load tests using BlazeMeter and view the report as a build tab
  • C# runner - write build task in C# right in web UI. (announcement, builds)
  • Cabal - a Cabal build runner for Haskell projects (announcement)
  • CMake - support for CMake & GNU Make builds
  • Compress File - a build runner to pack a directory into a zip archive
  • Deployer (bundled since TeamCity 10.0) - upload build artifacts to FTP, SSH, Windows share (SMB), deploy to Tomcat, etc.
  • TeamCity .NET Core Plugin  -  the dotnet command build runner supporting the .NET CLI toolchain.
  • DotNetBuild - a DotNetBuild build runner
  • dotMemory Unit - Integration with JetBrains dotMemory Unit allowing you to run tests that check your code for all kinds of memory issues
  • dotTrace Profiler - Integration with JetBrains dotTrace to measure performance metrics during test runs
  • FTPUpload - a build runner to upload a folder to a remote FTP server
  • Grails support - TeamCity-aware reporting for Grails builds
  • Groovy - run Groovy code as an agent build step 

    is not functional as of November 2015 as stopped to be publicly accessible; see 

  • ILMerge Meta-Runner - meta-runner to run ILMerge (utility to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly)
  • JMH - a runner and report tab for collecting JMH benckmark report for a runnable .jar file
  • Load Impact runner - run Load Impact tests from TeamCity (announcement)
  • Meta Runners Power Pack - a collection of meta runners for various tasks like downloading a file, triggering a build, tagging a build, changing a build status, running PHP tasks, etc.
  • NDepend - runs NDepend analysis (.NET) and displays NDepend reports in TeamCity
  • NuGet support - support for NuGet (bundled since TeamCity 7.0)
  • Octopus Deploy - creates Octopus-compatible NuGet packages and triggers Octopus Deploy deployments (announcement)
  • OpenCover Runner - allows running code coverage with OpenCover as a build step
  • Pgyer Runner - uploads packages to Pgyer server
  • PowerShell runner - easy run your PowerShell scripts from TeamCity (bundled since TeamCity 6.5)
  • Python Runner - allows you to simply run python scripts in different operating systems (automatically detects Pythons on agents and maintains compatibility)
  • Redgate SQL CI runner - supports Red Gate tools for continuous integration and database deployment

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    Use email to report issues.{hidden-data}

  • Rust and Cargo  - allows building rust projects via cargo tool.
  • Squish Runner - allows running froglogic Squish GUI Tester tests from TeamCity
  • StyleCop runner
  • TeamCity.Node - provides Node.js, NPM, NVM and PhantomJS runners
  • TeamCity.Virtual - Docker and Vagrant virtual build runners
  • todo report - a runner to scan for "todo"s in the code and display the result report
  • integration - a runner to run a build in build service
  • Unity3D runner - a simple way to build Web / Windows / OSX Unity Players from TeamCity (announcement)
  • Xcode runner by JetBrains - builds and runs tests for Xcode projects (Mac OS, iOS applications) (bundled since TeamCity 7.1)
  • Xcode runner 1, Xcode runner 2 (and a several forks) - third-party earlier takes on Xcode runners
  • SBT Runner - allows running builds with Simple Build Tool (Scala) (bundled since TeamCity 9.1)
  • VSTest.Console Runner - allows running tests with vstest.console (bundled since TeamCity 9.1)


  • Artifactory - Artifactory repository manager integration and enhancements to Maven release process developed by JFrog
  • Azure Active Directory - TeamCity user authentication via the login to Azure AD
  • Bumblebee - a build runner to update tests in HP ALM or trigger execution of tests in HP ALM in couple of clicks (Bumblebee sitedocumentation, sources)
  • Cadence vManager - a build runner to execute remote API calls to Cadence vManager
  • Crowd Authentication - a plugin for TeamCity to allow user login through Atlassian Crowd. (blog post, announcement)

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    related issue: []{hidden-data}

  • Graphite Integration - sends various build, code and test metrics (including FxCop and OpenCover) to Graphite/StatsD.
  • JMeter - integrate with JMeter for performance testing within builds and displaying trends.

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    unpublished post draft: [] {hidden-data}

  • Rally - publishes TeamCity build events to Rally.
  • Leiningen - Clojure Leiningen plugin for on-the-fly stages, tests and artifacts reporting to TeamCity
  • Upsource links - adds links to JetBrains Upsource reviews to changes displayed in TeamCity
  • VersionOne, download, sources - by VersionOne
  • WhiteSource - integration with WhiteSource open-source licenses management solution
  • SauceLabs - integrates with Sauce Labs (cloud-based browser and mobile testing platform) (sources)
  • SonarQube - a build runner to run Sonar code analysis and publish it to Sonar


  • TeamCity Console - a Web console to run Groovy scripts in TeamCity environment. Also provides a report of server Spring context.
  • Gradle about - a plugin for Gradle with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts
  • Maven about - a plugin for Maven with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts

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Not yet added/unsorted:

Issue tracker:
VSTS Release Management (add link from ) -  integration with TeamCity for VSTeamServices Release service
add: hidden-data from hidden-data

* [DigitalOcean cloud support|] - cloud integration for DigitalOcean. [announcement|]
* [TeamCity Farm|] \- scripts the TeamCity server and agent deployment into Docker/VM images
* [CI Game|] \- (not yet functional)
* [CCMenu|] \- CCTray for Mac OS X with TeamCity support
* [build-whisperer|] \- might work with CC feed, needs testing.
* [Slack integration|]
* [SinCity|]
* [Kovair|]
* [RunDeck|] - runner to launch [RunDeck|] jobs
Discontinued/Obsolete/no more available:
* [P4V Addin|] \- a Plugin for Perforce P4V to run TeamCity personal builds



See also Open-source Bundled Plugins

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[Build log profiler|] \- displays a report for the longest stages of the build based on the build log[]
[Octopus trigger|]