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  • TeamCity 10.0.3 (build 42434) Release Notes

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  • TW-29275 - Mark "Artifacts rules" filed in New Artifact Dependency dialog as mandatory
  • TW-45046 - Fix spacing near fixed by/muted in section on Test History page
  • TW-45194 - "Login" used as verb instead of "Log in"
  • TW-46927 - The "Early bird" achievement icon looks exactly as twitter icon which is confusingTW-47081 - "Triggered by" can be too long
  • TW-47096 - Confusing message in teamcity-server.log for disk usage change: "decreased for"
  • TW-47123 - Remove useless notes from Upsource status publisher connection
  • TW-47271 - Incorrect links to documentation in TFS Issue Tracker connection settings
  • TW-47275 - Clean-up rules dialog header needs to be aligned for the long project names
  • TW-47374 - Collapse/expand buttons are too close to the page header
  • TW-47512 - Disconnected agents no longer highlighted on Agent requirements page
  • TW-47579 - Changes page can be corrupted as there are no line brakes in build configurations since version 10.0