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TeamCity 10.x and 2017.x Documentation


You are viewing the documentation of TeamCity 10.x and 2017.x, which is not the most recently released version of TeamCity.
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  1. Create and configure an external database to be used by TeamCity.
  2. Shut down the TeamCity server.
  3. Create a backup copy of the <TeamCity Data Directory> used by the server.
  4. Clean up the system folder: you must remove the messages and artifacts folders from the /system folder of your <TeamCity data directory>; you may delete the old HSQLDB files: buildserver.* to remove the no longer needed internal storage data.
  5. Start the TeamCity server.


    If you see the TeamCity Maintenance screen, click the "I’m a server administrator, show me the details" link and enter Maintenance Authentication Token. Follow the instructions to create a new TeamCity database.



The maintainDB.[cmd|sh] shell/batch script is located in the <TeamCity Home>/bin directory and is used for migrating as well as for backing up and restoring TeamCity data.
The utility is only available in the TeamCity .tar.gz and .exe distributions. If you installed TeamCity using the .war distribution and need to perform data migration, use the tool from the .tar.gz distribution.