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A quick-fix may be associated with each reported problem through the Inspector tool window using the intention to fix:

Normally the user invokes the quick-fix through the Intentions context menu, which is displayed after pressing the Alt + Enter key shortcut. If the apply immediately flag is set, however, MPS will run the associated quick-fix as soon as the problem is discovered during on-the-fly analysis without waiting for the user trigger.

The two other options are rarely neededoptional properties configured through the Inspector are needed less frequently:

  • node feature to highlight - specifies a node's property, child of reference to highlight as the source of the problem, instead of highlighting the whole node
  • foreign message source - TODOwhen a user clicks (Control/Cmd + Alt + click) on the reported error in the editor, she is taken to the Checking rule's error/warning/info/ensure command that raised that error. With the foreign message source property you can override this behavior and provide your own node that the user will be taken to upon clicking on the error.


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