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Checking rules typically check for one or a few related issues in a given node or a small part of the model and report to the user, if a problem is discovered:

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A quick-fix may be associated with each reported problem through the Inspector tool window:

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Normally the user invokes the quick-fix through the Intentions context menu, which is displayed after pressing the Alt + Enter key shortcut. If the apply immediately flag is set, however, MPS will run the associated quick-fix as soon as the problem is discovered during on-the-fly analysis without waiting for the user trigger.

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quick-fix provides a single model-transforming function, which will automatically eliminate the reported problem:

The user invokes the quick-fix through bus provide a description to represent it in the Intentions context menu the Alt + Enter key shortcut, unless it is only ever referred to from callers with apply immediately set to true. A quick-fix may also declare fields, to hold reused values, and it can accept arguments from the caller.


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