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In new installations, these project-related permissions are added to the Project Administrator role. After upgrade, no permissions changes are applied, but you might want to review the permissions, e.g. consider removing the Agent Manager role inclusion from the Project Administrator role and adding the above-mentioned permissions to Project Administrator role manually.

Administration | Tools page improvements

In previous versions of TeamCity you could install a couple of predefined tools to TeamCity agents via the Administration | Tools page. In addition to that you could manually distribute zip archives to agents if you place them into special place on disk.

In addition, some of the plugins, like NuGet had own place for uploading new versions to agents.

In this EAP we unified all these tasks under the single interface. Now, you can manage NuGet versions, install recent version of ReSharper command line tools, or upload an arbitrary tool in a zip archive - all from the same Administration | Tools page.

Flaky Test Detection

TeamCity now supports flaky test detection. A flaky test is a test that is unstable (can exhibit both a passing and a failing result) with the same code.

Flaky test detection is based on the following heuristics: