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Earlier granting agent-related permissions, like 'authorize' or 'enable'  could be done only globally (permissions were applied to all the agents on the server).

Now we introduce agent's project-related permissions which allow performing level permissions to perform a task on an agent, provided that affected are only the projects where the user has : a user must have a specific permission granted . For in a project.

If the user has this permission in several projects that use the same agent pool(s), the user can perform this task on all the agents belonging to the pool(s). For example, a user with 'Enable / disable agents associated with project' permission in some projects  can can enable or disable agents which belong to the pools of the related projects ( if the user has the permission is granted in all the projects associated with the pool)pools.

The newly added permissions are:


In new installations, these project-related permissions are added to the Project Administrator role. If you are upgradingAfter upgrade, no permissions changes are applied: , but you might want to review the permissions after upgrade. , e.g. You can consider removing the Agent Manager role inclusion from the Project Administrator role and add adding the above-mentioned permissions to Project Administrator role manually.

Flaky Test Detection

TeamCity now supports flaky test detection. A flaky test is a test that is unstable (can exhibit both a passing and a failing result) with the same code.

Flaky test detection is based on the following heuristics: