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These agent permissions are project-based. Additionally, these permissions can provide agent pool management rights:  if a person is granted a permission to perform a certain agent management action for all projects within a pool, this user can perform this action on all agents in this pool.
If an agent within a pool is assigned to a project where no such permission is granted to the user,  the pool management right is revoked.

Flaky Test Detection


New Create project/build configuration button

The new Create subproject and Create build configuration buttons have a drop-down now and you can select whether you want to create a project from scratch (manually), from URL, or using the popular version control systems and Bitbucket. When one of the latter two is selected, TeamCity offers to configure a connection to the VCS hosting for the current project. When the connection is configured, TeamCity displays the list of the available repositories with their URLs. All you have to do is select a repository URL and proceed with the configuration.

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REST API enhancements

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  Anchor enterpriseAgentManager enterpriseAgentManager Agent Manager

Prior to TeamCity 10, Agent Manager has permissions for customizing and managing Build Agents; he/she can change the run configuration policy, enable/disable build agents, and pause/resume build queue.