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Starting from this EAP TeamCity uses unidirectional agent-to-server connection via the polling protocol by default. If for some reason the polling protocol cannot be used, TeamCity switches to the fallback bidirectional communication via xml-rpc.

Project-based Agent Management Permissions


Starting from this EAP, TeamCity introduces 6 new permissions for Project Administrators replacing the inherited Agent Manager role:
1) Enable / disable agents associated with project
2) Start / Stop cloud agent for project
3) Change agent run configuration policy for project
4) Administer project agent machines (e.g. reboot, view agent logs, etc.)
5) Remove project agent
6) Authorize project agent

These permissions are project-based and can provide agent management within an agent pool: if a person is granted a certain permission for all projects
within a pool, this user can perform this action on all agents in this pool. If an agent within a pool is assigned to a project where no such permission is granted to the user,  the pool management right is revoked.

REST API enhancements

Bundled Tools updates

Other Improvements

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Agent Manager

Prior to TeamCity 10, Agent Manager has permissions for customizing and managing Build Agents; he/she can change the run configuration policy, enable/disable build agents, and pause/resume build queue.