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Plugin page: http://pluginsPlease report any issues with the plugin on Bundled with WebStorm.

Your feedback is welcome in bugtracker (Subsystem = Live Edit) and forum.

By default "live edit" mode is enabled (View -> Live Edit), but in case of WebStorm this mode disabled by default (because plugin is bundled with WebStorm).

Rethinking LiveEdit (02 July, 2013)

We rethought LiveEdit workflow — now it works as part of JavaScript debug session only. We got a lot of issues and negative feedback:

  • How do I run LiveEdit?
  • Why my page is not inspected?
  • Why unrelated page is inspected and modified?

Zero configuration (as it was implemented before) is cool but conflicts with JetBrains IDE concept. A lot of work required to polish it, but why not just use existing familiar "Run/Debug Configuration"? Since version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session (compatible with IDEA 13 EAP and WebStorm 7 EAP — build number greater than 130.1090).issues/WEB

The Live Edit plugin is bundled with WebStorm. If you're using PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PyCharm Professional or RubyMine, please check that the plugin installed in Preferences | Plugins. 

Live Edit

With Live Edit you can see changes you make in HTML or CSS files in the browser right away, without reloading the page.

Live Edit works as part of the JavaScript debug session:

0. Make sure the JetBrains IDE Support Google Chrome extension is installed.

1. Right-click on the HTML file in the IDE and select Debug. The file will be opened in the browser and the JavaScript debug session will start.

2. Start editing your code and you'll see the changes in the browser.

Read more about the Live Edit plugin in this blog post


I see the message "Internal HTTP server disabled. Cannot start internal HTTP server. Git integration, JavaScript debugger and LiveEdit may operate with errors...."