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  • Indore 10 EAP2 (build 41463) Release Notes

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  • list the agents compatible with a build configuration and filter agents by compatible build configurations. This does not include non-started cloud agents (images), which are not yet exposed via REST API.
  • get the projects and build configurations as well as their order on the Overview page as configured by the specified user
  • disable/enable artifact dependencies and agent requirements
  • get the build's test occurrences in the order they were run in the build
  • get all runs (the number of test invocations) for a test
  • get test mutes affecting a specific build configuration
  • list users by email, group and user property
  • indication of the build configuration settings if it was inherited from a template or a project

Bundled Tools updates

  • the bundled Ant is updated to 1.9.7
  • the bundled dotCover is updated to 2016.1