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RubyMine EAP is Closed Now


RubyMine 8, the latest official released version of RubyMine, is available for download and purchase from RubyMine website. For the list of features see What's new.



Please note that EAP builds are pre-beta software and may contain issues, which we ask you to report to our issue tracker. 

RubyMine EAP is Closed.

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RubyMine EAP Downloads




Release Notes

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki RC (build 143.380)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki Beta (build 143.366)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 7th EAP (build 143.90)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 6th EAP (build 142.5047)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 5th EAP (build 142.4859)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 4th EAP (build 142.4675)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 3rd EAP (build 142.4465)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 2nd EAP (build 142.4245)

RubyMine 8 Kusunoki 1st EAP (build 142.4083)

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Where to Send Feedback

EAP Forum
Issue Tracker

Follow product updates on twitter or select the Early Access Program channel for updates in the IDE (Settings | Updates) to be notified when new EAP build is available.