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The plugin adds the ability to log in to TeamCity via JetBrains Hub, and allows to synchronize for synchronization of user details from Hub to TeamCity: creating/deleting TeamCity users and updating TeamCity user data (username, display name, email, jabber, default VCS usernames, etc.).

Creating/deleting TeamCity user groups
UpdatingTeamCity user group data (name, description)
Assigning/unassiging users/groups to/from groups
Merging users/groups

Export of TeamCity users/user groups to HubExport of users groups, membership
Optional export of user details ( email, jabber, default VCS usernames, built-in password hash, NT/LDAP username)Setting a Hub ID for every exported user/group


TeamCity supports one-way synchronization with Hub: the data is retrieved from Hub and is stored in the TeamCity database. Periodically, TeamCity fetches data from Hub and updates users in TeamCity.


  • Retrieve the user's profile data from Hub
  • Automatically create and remove users in TeamCity based on the information retrieved from Hub


Enable users synchronizationAllows importing the users and their details from Hub to TeamCity.
Update user profiles in TeamCityThe user name, email and VCS usernames in TeamCity will be updated with data from the user profile in Hub on the first synchronization. If any of this data will be later modified in TeamCity, this the changed data will not be imported from Hub on the next synchronization. 
Create user accounts in TeamCityNew users (those existing in Hub but not existing in TeamCity) matched by the filter on the Miscellaneous tab will be imported to TeamCity with their login details, emails and VCS usernames. All the imported users will have a Hub ID in TeamCity. 
If a user with the same name exists in TeamCity and Hub, the user is not synchronized until they login to TeamCity via Hub. On login, the user acquires a Hub ID in TeamCity and the user’s details are synchronized. 
The existing TeamCity users with no match in Hub will remain intact.

If you specify a filter, only the users matching the filter  will be created. If the option below, he users not matched by the filter will be DELETED from TeamCity.

Delete user accounts from TeamCity

If a user account is banned in Hub or is not matched by the filter  on the Miscellaneous tab, it will also be deleted in TeamCity.


If you specify a filter on the Miscellaneous tab, he users not matched by the filter will be DELETED from TeamCity