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  1. Select whether you want to: 
    • Update user profiles in TeamCity, which means that changes in the user profile in Hub will overwrite any changes made in TeamCity
    • Create /delete user accounts in TeamCity, which means that the users created/deleted in Hub will also be created/deleted in TeamCity

      If you select to create new user accounts in TeamCity, the new users (those existing in Hub but not existing in TeamCity) will be imported to TeamCity with their login details, emails and VCS usernames. All the imported users will have a Hub ID in TeamCity. 

      If a user with the same name exists in TeamCity and Hub, the user is not synchronized until they login to TeamCity via Hub. On login, the user acquires a Hub ID in TeamCity and the user’s details are synchronized. 
      The existing TeamCity users with no match in Hub will remain intact.
  2. Save the configured settings you before starting synchronization.
  3. To synchronize a part of only selected Hub users with TeamCity, navigate to  the Miscellaneous tab to configure and configuresave the user filter on of the Hub settings page.


    Note that if a filter is configured, only the users specified by the filter will be imported. The users not matched by the filter will be DELETED.

  4. Click Return to the  the Synchronization tab  and click Synchronize now. 

After the synchronization is finished, the results will be displayed on the page.