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Build 1.9.0

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50 Fixed issues
50 Fixed issues
  • SCL-3603 good code red
  • SCL-9092 add "create case class" option to popup menu (alt+enter)
  • SCL-7431 Play template variables that generate full HTML attributes marked as errors
  • SCL-9096 Inner trait (ScalaTest): Errorneous 'Reference must be prefixed' warning
  • SCL-3151 widen selection should include XML attribute text, then attribute text with quotation marks
  • SCL-9147 Stuck in an infinite loop when trying to import a project
  • SCL-9049 Scaladoc generates stub with return also when return type is Unit
  • SCL-5099 Pattern variables in field declarations are highlighted as fields
  • SCL-9045 Play Framework, Twirl: Syntax highlighting error. Assigning an expression to an html attribute.
  • SCL-9046 Play Framework, Twirl: Syntax highlighting error.
  • SCL-9102 Open in browser after compilation is not working
  • SCL-9041 Good code red: SAM for Comparable doesn't work
  • SCL-9121 Import statements in worksheet become duplicated in output
  • SCL-4484 Mark "then" as deprecated
  • SCL-9129 some files from scala library are decompiled as java in scala 2.12.0-M2
  • SCL-8989 Unable to track types through Scala Graph nodes
  • SCL-4085 For @scala.deprecated, show the message in the scaladoc popup
  • SCL-8808 Scaladoc in same line with case class causes false error
  • SCL-9124 Scala plugin shows too many duplicated classes in inheritors dialog
  • SCL-4346 scaladoc doc comment parser can't handle lines in code examples starting with ""
  • SCL-4953 parameter info doesn't find apply method of compound type
  • SCL-4872 No sensor of a word beginning when wrapping symbols are inputted in docs
  • SCL-9157 Faster file type detection
  • SCL-9031 Inspection for mapping to unit values fires when mapping to function returning unit
  • SCL-9175 ScalaDoc parsing fails with code block containing JSON
  • SCL-9158 Scala getClassesByName takes too much in a project that has no Scala
  • SCL-9159 Inefficient ScClsStubBuilder
  • SCL-9086 Getting NullPointerException again and again
  • SCL-9051 Cannot rename variable on twirl parameters
  • SCL-8934 Code folding not persisted across restart
  • SCL-9135 Generate property generates wrong name for a setter
  • SCL-9015 Very usual situation, when class can't be resolved in evaluate expression
  • SCL-9100 Create run configuration for Play pfoject
  • SCL-9018 EAP Debugger do not respect breakpoints in tests
  • SCL-8999 Feature needed for call-by-name value parameter error
  • SCL-5437 Inspection idea: warn when selecting a 'val' from a DelayedInit subclass (e.g. App)
  • SCL-8952 Duplicate configuration section
  • SCL-8931 Good code red: SAM converted from method
  • SCL-8486 Copy+paste loses formatting JS code in *.scala.html template
  • SCL-8966 Scala worksheet doesn't work with backticks
  • SCL-9128 Nested stateful monads inspection should be turned off by default
  • SCL-9019 A jar dependency (httpcore 4.0.1) keeps being "detached" from its "library" in the IDEA project every time the Gradle project is refreshed
  • SCL-9191 Throwable on new Play project creation
  • SCL-9146 ScalaJS React <. broken in Intellij 15 EAP
  • SCL-9044 SBT 0.13.9 not working with Intellij
  • SCL-4407 Wrong warning with empty-paren Java accessor with overloaded methods
  • SCL-8720 Scala Worksheet and Scratch file at the same time.
  • SCL-9010 "Your IDEA is outdated to use with Scala plugin" message with reference to build already in use
  • SCL-4036 override annotator should report error when overriding a val with a def.
  • SCL-6738 Javascript formatting broken in Play Framework Scala Templates

Build 1.8.5

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