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General Info







Plugin Description

Enables TeamCity user authorisation and user management via JetBrains Hub


    • Login/Logout through Hub 
    • Automatic and/or on-demand synchronization of Hub users/user groups with TeamCity:
      • Creating/deleting TeamCity users
      • Updating TeamCity user data (username, display name, email, jabber, default VCS usernames, etc.)
      • Creating/deleting  TeamCity user groups
      • UpdatingTeamCity user group data (name, description)
      • Assigning/unassiging users/groups to/from groups
      • Merging users/groups
    • Export of TeamCity users/user groups to Hub
      • Export of users groups, membership
      • Optional export of user details ( email, jabber, default VCS usernames, built-in password hash, NT/LDAP username)
      • Setting a Hub ID for every exported user/group

Versions Compatibility

The current plugin version is designed for TeamCity 9.1 with Hub 1.0 future releases

Download and Installation Instructions

Download and install the plugin as described here

Plugin Development Status

In active development. 
Everyone is encouraged to try the plugin, however issues can be uncovered.

If you believe you've faced a bug: Issue Tracker (project: TeamCity)
If you want to ask a question or discuss: Forum
Any of the above, but you do not want it to be publicly accessible: Feedback email