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  • CLion supports only GNU toolchain, that means only GCC and Clang compilers on Linux and OS X, and MinGW (or MinGW-W64) and Cygwin x64 toolchains on Windows.
    Note: If you are using Visual Studio for C++ development (and Visual C++ Compiler), try our ReSharper for C++.
  • CLion supports only the following C and C++ standards: C99, C++03, C++11.
  • Unsupported C++11 features
    • User defined literals
    • Constexprs
    • Variadic templates


  • On the large code bases (especially when using Boost) performance and memory issues during indexing and editing are possible.
  • Increasing memory may help to resolve performance problems. To check the memory usage, please, switch on the memory indicator in Preferences/Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Show memory indicator.

(info) To report  While reporting a performance problem, please, use the instruction hereget a thread dump and a CPU snapshot and attach them to the report/ticket in tracker.

(info) To find IDE logs to attach to the problem use this link.