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  • Eluru 6.0 EAP (build 15311) Release Notes

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IntelliJ IDEA plugin Improvements

  • build log now highlights stacktraces and current project file names
  • you can now assign responsibility for a build configuration or failed test to other users form the plugin
  • build compilation errors are displayed in the build results pane in a separate tab with navigation to source code
  • plugin prompts for login on remote run action invocation

Code Coverage In Eclipse Plugin

If you gather code coverage in TeamCity using bundled support for IDEA code coverage or EMMA code coverage engines, you can now view the coverage results in Eclipse. Use "Show Code Coverage Data" from TeamCity menu and select one of the build configurations with code coverage enabled.


  • UI: Assign responsibility list displays project committers first
  • UI: Agent's "System properties" and "Environment variables" tabs were reworked into single "Agent Parameters" tab.
  • UI: Build configuration requirements editing page is redesigned, requirements on configuration parameters are now supported
  • Command line runner now supports specification of shell/batch scripts instead of single command
  • Administrators can now view internal TeamCity agent logs in Web UI - useful for debugging agent issues
  • Mono framework can now be detected on Mac OS X
  • Build artifacts can now be hidden from user on web UI (just publish them into ".teamcity" subdirectory).
  • Initial dotCover integration is added for NUnit tests run by TeamCity.