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For complete list of available search fields (keywords) please refer to Complete List of Available Search Fields section.

In this section:

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In TeamCity you can search for builds using the Lucene query syntax. Though in TeamCity search query has two major differences, please refer to the Lucene documentation for complete syntax rules description.
To narrow your search and get more precise results you can use available search fields - indexed parameters of each build. Please refer to the Complete list of available search fields for more details.

Differences from Lucene Syntax


  1. By default, TeamCity uses AND operator in query. That is, if you type in the following query: "failed @agent123", then you will get a list of all builds that have keyword "failed" in any of its search fields, and were run on build agent, which name is "agent123".
  2. By default, TeamCity uses "prefix search", not exact matching like Lucene. For example, if you search for "c:main", TeamCity will find all builds of the build configuration which name starts with "main" string.
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    }{tip}Prefix search is not used for query with search keywords. In this case you can use wildcards ("\*" and "?"). For example, a query "tests:FxCopFile*" will results in list of all builds that include tests which names start with "FxCopFile".{tip}{hidden-data}

Performing Fuzzy Search

You also have a possibility to perform fuzzy search using the tilde, "~", symbol at the end of a single word term which to search items similar in spelling.


Magic word



Search for builds with tags. For example, Calcutta::Master $t query will result in a list of all builds marked with any tag of build configurations which name is started with "Master" from projects with names started with "Calcutta".


Search for pinned builds.


Search for builds that have been labeled in VCS. For example, to find labeled builds of the Main project you can use following queries: p:Main $labeled, or project:Mai $l, or m:: $lab, etc.


Search for builds that have been commented.


Search for personal builds. For example, using -$p expression in your query will exclude all personal builds from search results.

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h2. Performing Search 
*To find the desired issues:*

# Navigate to the search field located in the upper-right corner of TeamCity web UI. \\
# Type the search criteria and press the *Enter* or *Return* key.
By default, TeamCity will search all builds-related data such as project and build configuration name, changes committer name, vcs root, trigger, changes description and so on. The results appear in a new pop-up window:\\
{note}By default, TeamCity searches for all items you type in the search field.
# Click the *view results on a separate page* link to explore the search details. On the page that opens you can view the results summary:
{note}You will see only search results from projects you have [permission | Role and Permission] to view. 

In the example above the keywords were found in developer's changes, project, build status and build trigger. 

{tip}By default, search results on the dedicated search results page (not in pop-up) are sorted by relevance. You can also sort results by time. To do so, select proper item in a drop-down list to the right of the search query field.