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  • Hajipur 9.1 EAP2 (build 36518) Release Notes

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TeamCity now supports branches in versioned settings roots. To enable branches, define a branch specification in settings the VCS root settings and include there branches you want to track.

Support for branches means that you can create a branch with custom settings and TeamCity will use these settings to run a build. In a branch it is possible A branch allows you to customize configuration parameters, add/modify/delete build steps and build features.

Moreover, it is possible to run a build on with old TeamCity settings using the 'Run build with this change' action on a VCS modification.

Also you You can also run a personal build with changed TeamCity settings from an IDE. This can be useful if you want to disable some build logic in your personal build, e.g. skip some tests unrelated to the change you made. If you store settings in a dedicated repository which is not attached to a build configuration, then you need to disable the 'Hide Not Related To Current Project' option in Idea IntelliJ IDEA to make TeamCity show suitable configurations (it is a known problem, watch for updates).


We'd like to thank NUnit team who were kind enough to accept kindly accepted our patches adding TeamCity service messages support into NUnit itself. Now, starting with NUnit 3.0.0 Beta 2, NUnit detects if it is run by a TeamCity build agent and automatically switches to reporting test runs using TeamCity service messages.


  • The bundled Ant has been updated to 1.9.5. Ant-runner build steps require Java 1.5 at least.
  • The bundled Java has been updated to version 8.
  • PowerShell 5 is now supported
  • The TeamCity Web UI now allows specifying custom commandline parameters to pass to dotCover.
  • TeamCity REST API adds more abilities to filter builds for the /app/builds request. For example, now it allows retrieving entire build chains with a single request.