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In addition to creating a project from URL, TeamСity now comes with an option to create a build configuration from a VCS URL. All you need to do is enter a VCS URL in the create configuration wizard, select default options to create build configurations and that's it!

Schedule trigger improvements

TeamCity has different triggers suitable for various use cases. While many use cases are already already covered, still we hear more and more complains about other scenarios which are hard to automate. This is especially true for scenarios when build chain should be continued automatically based on some event. Traditionally we recommend using Finish build trigger if chain should be continued once some build in the chain finishes. However, Finish build trigger is very limited. It does not allow to specify all the same options which we have for dependencies - tags, pin/unpin status, branch, etc. Also, it fires once the build finishes, however in many scenarios this is undesirable. Instead, it would be better to wait for some time before continuing chain, or continue chain only once or twice a day.

Since Schedule trigger already has notion of time, it seemed more appropriate to extend this trigger instead of adding new options to Finish Build trigger. In this EAP build Schedule trigger has got ability to watch for builds in other build configurations and trigger if these builds change. The build is defined the same way as in artifact dependency, with all the same options.

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  • UI improvements including the chains page
  • Merged MSTest & VSTest plugins (in progress)
  • Support for multiple VCS usernames (in progress))