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project settings in Subversion and Perforce

Starting from this EAP, TeamCity 9.1 TeamCity allows storing the project configuration settings in a Subversion and Perforce version control repository. Previously, the only supported version controls were Git and Mercurial.


User-defined display order of projects and build configurations

By default, TeamCity displays projects, their subprojects and build configurations on the Projects Overview page in alphabetical order.
Now each user can define the order to their liking on the Overview page using the up-down button on the Configure Visible Projects pop-up:

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By default, the settings are stored in the .teamcity in the root of the repository. If you wish to change the path used by TeamCity, you can create a special VCS Root dedicated to the VCS settings storage, and specify the path as you want there. For example, in case with Perforce TeamCity will use the .teamcity directory relative to the client you configured; e.g. to store the settings in //depot/some/path/.teamcity folder, specify the Perforce mapping as follows:

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//depot/some/path/... => //team-city-agent/...

Create build configuration from URL

In addition to creating a project from URL, TeamСity now comes with an option to create a build configuration from a VCS URL. All you need to do is enter a VCS URL in the create configuration wizard, select default options to create build configurations and that's it! Some options can be changed by clicking on "Create". The defaults include build runners and, some server-wide default options (checkout mode, build number pattern, build failure conditions, etc.)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 build tools (done)
  • Support for multiple VCS usernames (in progress))
  • Merged MSTest & VSTest plugins (in progress)
  • Ui improvements including the chains page

Other Improvements