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  • Upgrading License Server

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To upgrade your License Server:
1. Shut down the Apache Tomcat copy that runs your License Server using an appropriate Tomcat shutdown script.

2. If you run License Server with embedded database (the default setting), create a backup copy of "db" directory located in Tomcat's installation folder. If you use external database, create a backup using appropriate DB tools.
3. Clear Tomcat's work directory.
3 4. Remove the unpacked version of licenseServer.war from Tomcat's webapps directory (the whole "webapps\licenseServer" directory should be deleted. Deleting only the content of the directory is not enough).

45. Copy a new version of licenseServer.war into Tomcat's webapps directory. 5

6. Start tomcat. All required database upgrade procedures will be performed automatically. 6

7. Check License Server console.