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It is important to distinguish EAP from pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be far below even usual beta standards.



(lightbulb) Features Already Available for Evaluation

  • New Reports



  • Live Dashboard
  • Multiple Drafts
  • Redesigned User Management
  • New Image Editor
  • Ability to use AND in search queries
  • Shortcuts Customization



(warning) New Reports:

  • In the current EAP only new types of reports are available, not yet the Dashboard.
  • To use new reports, you must switch to the new UI: open 'Reports' section in YouTrack UI, and click 'Try New Interface' link in the top-right corner. New reports are not available in the current UI ('Regular Interface').




  • Redesigned FIS UI

    Where to Send Feedback

More Information


YouTrack InCloud Harmony EAP

If you prefer to try all the fresh goodies without any installation and configuration, simply create a user account in our YouTrack Harmony InCloud EAP instance. We'll be updating it to the latest build as soon as we can deliver.