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Implementation relies on the JCIFS library. To configure the JSCIFS client using system properties, update the TeamCity Agent startup properties .


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Secure connection allows to choose choosing between an insecure (FTP) or secure connection (FTPS, SFTP).

titleLimited security note

Current The current secure connection implementation accepts any certificate provided by a remote host. No trust checks are performed!

Authentication method is either Anonymous (will submit username "anonymous" and single space as password) or username/password (for custom credentials)
Transfer Mode allows you to force the ASCII or Binary FTP transfer modes (if the automatically detected mode leads to broken files transfer)


Allows deploying WAR application archives to a remote Tomcat instance
Supports the following Tomcat versions: 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x

Requires Manager webapp installed in the target Tomcat instance and a user with the "manager-script" role.



Continuous Integration

Current The current build status is
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