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  • Hajipur 9.0 EAP1 (build 31423) Release Notes

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This EAP build does not have license key bundled with it, please use license key from EAP download page

Table of Contents

Tag builds on triggering/Tag queued builds

TW-35482 — Allow to tag a build on triggering
TW-12264 — Support for Sonar

Improved Agent Matrix and Statistics

Other improvements

new version is available

Project Settings in VCS

TeamCity can now store project settings in version control: just select a VCS root where the settings are to be stored on the Versioned Settings page of the project administration. After the root is selected, each administrative change you make to the settings in the TeamCity Web UI is committed to the selected root. The settings for subprojects are stored in the VCS root specified at the parent project level. It is also possible to use a different VCS root for a subproject.

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It also works in the opposite direction - if you change the settings and commit them to the version control, TeamCity applies the changes on the fly.

Build Time Report

Now you can see the comparative statistics of build time for projects and build configurations: the Build Time report is now available in the Project-related Settings of the TeamCity Administration area.

The report displays total build duration within the last 24 hours for the server and individual projects (the default settings) with the percentage in relation to the parent project. The grouping and the period settings can be modified.

With the project grouping selected, the scope can be further drilled down to an individual build configuration different shades of gray showing the hierarchy:

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переделки с invocation count у тестов

branch filter for notifications and charts

  • faster backup / restore - vcs_changes refactoring - VCS instances calculation I s faster

Unicode Support for MS SQL and Oracle

The national character sets (nchar, nvarchar, nclob types) for text fields are now supported in MS SQL and Oracle databases used by TeamCity. You can now use Unicode characters in the following fields in TeamCity:

  • TeamCity user names (not logins)
  • VCS committers' names
  • VCS commit descriptions
  • file names
  • build status text
  • tags (on promotions and builds)
  • test names
  • mute and investigation comments
  • values of environment variables received from agents (in the agent types)
  • audit comments

Meta-runner Import

To share a meta runner with someone, you can now use the Import button on the Meta-Runner tab of the project administration where you can paste the XML definition of a meta-runner. this enables users to use meta-runners on servers they do not have access to.

ability to set tags for queued / running builds

Plugin dependencies

Other improvements

  • Vs Addin supports Resharper 8.2 and dotCover 2.7
  • fixed issues