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See JsTestDriver directory.JetBrains/intellij-plugins/tree/master/JsTestDriver

Setup project

Open configured JsTestDriver project in IDEA.
Then, you should set up IDEA SDK following these instructions (only Configuring IntelliJ IDEA SDK section).


If you would like to improve the code in the JsTestDriver plugin, you can submit a patch in WebStorm /PhpStorm project bug database (please select "Plugin: JsTestDriverUnit Tests" subsystem). You can either file a new issue with the patch attached, or attach a patch to an issue submitted by another user. When writing a patch, please make sure to follow the IntelliJ Coding Guidelines.

Alternatively, you can fork the IntelliJ IDEA contib repository on GitHub, make the changes in your fork and send us a pull request.

A developer will review your patch and, if it meets the quality criteria and fits well with the rest of the code, you'll be notified about the acceptance of the patch. You will also need to sign the contribution agreement in order to complete your contribution.