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Comment: fix Setting up IntelliJ Platform SDK


  1. add to IntelliJ Platform SDK classpath (not to your plugin module's dependencies)
    • $IDEA_HOME$/plugins/spring/spring-api.jar
    • $IDEA_HOME$/plugins/spring/spring-api.jar
  2. add to IntelliJ Platform SDK sourcepath
    • $IDEA_HOME$/lib/src/



Please use only Spring-related functionality exposed in spring-api.jar (where sources are provided) in your plugin. Using any other "internal" (implementation) classes from Spring plugin itself (spring.jar) is not supported.


Add <depends>com.intellij.spring</depends> to your plugin.xml to require "Spring Support" plugin to be activated. Navigate to target to see all available extension points.
Note that "Spring Support" plugin itself has dependencies to a few other plugins which need to be enabled in your sandbox (see notifications on startup).