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  • Gaya 8.1 EAP4 (build 29790) Release Notes

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To make configuring artifacts paths easier, you can now browse directories/files in the build checkout directory and select which of them to publish as build artifacts. The links to directories/files are available after at least one build has been run. The file sizes are also listed. Clicking a link adds it the to the list of artifact paths:

Changes Page

Now the Changes page displays a pie-chart for each change indicating the ratio of pending, successful and problematic builds.

Other Improvements

  • The SSH Keys setting for a project now now has a counter to be consistent with other settings, such as VCS Roots, Parameters, etc.
  • Maven 3.1 is now bundled with TeamCity
  • .NET Inspections runner now supports .NET 4.5.1 as one of the target frameworks
  • A number of performance and usability problems have been fixed
  • resolved issues