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Using Spring-API

To develop plugins integrating with Spring-API you will need to use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition version 13.1 (or higher).

  1. add $IDEA_HOME$/plugins/spring/spring-api.jar to your IntelliJ Platform SDK classpath (not to your plugin module's dependencies)
  2. add $IDEA_HOME$/lib/src/ to your IntelliJ Platform SDK sourcepath
  3. add <depends>com.intellij.spring</depends> to your plugin.xml to require "Spring Support" plugin to be activated.

Available extension points are defined in META-INF/plugin.xml of $IDEA_HOME$/plugins/spring/spring-core.jar.

Main concepts

A Spring facet can be attached on a Module.
Spring facets usually contain one more user-configured/provided filesets, which group a set of Spring related configuration files (XML, Code or .properties files).
A fileset usually corresponds to one actual application context configuration at runtime.
Filesets can depend on other filesets (possibly in another module).