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  • Boxcar notifications - send out notifications via Boxcar.
  • Buildron - radiator in a game-like design. Watch your builds in an entertaining way!
  • BuildScreen - a standalone Windows application to display TeamCity build statuses e.g. on a large screen.
  • BuildStatusMonitor - a standalone Windows application which displays TeamCity build status on Delcom lights devices.
  • buildstatusnotifier - a way to see green/red page mirroring build status
  • Cradiator - a standalone Windows application that displays a summary of project statuses.
  • CI-Eye - a standalone web-based build statuses visualizer
  • emailinject - Injects message from build script into the body of the email TeamCity sends out after a build.
  • Growl Notifier
  • HTTP Build Status - a plugin to roll up chosen build statuses into a single HTTP status code.
  • JavaScript radiator - a simple JavaScript build radiator
  • Nabaztag Notifier
  • ProjectMonitor - support for TeamCity in Pivotal Labs ProjectMonitor (Big Visible Chart CI aggregator). Initial support by Ian Zabel.
  • radiate - build monitor as desktop application. Can run as a Windows screensaver.
  • tcMonitor
  • tcPrettyEmail
  • Team piazza - provides separate page for build status with committing users avatar
  • TeamFlash - standalone application (Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi) to display build status on Delcom USB lights.
  • Tux droid
  • Twitter (announce), on github
  • tctweet - alternative Twitter integration: Tweets build starts and end messages on twitter
  • Visuwall - a standalone web-based build statuses visualizer
  • WebHooks
    * [build-whisperer|] \- might work with CC feed, needs testing.
  • GCM Notifier - a plugin that allows you to send push notifications from your server to your users' Android device

Apps, Notification and Interaction Applications