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titleYouTrack 4.2 Early Access Program is Officially Closed!

Dear YouTrack EAP users,

YouTrack 4.2 is successfully released and is available on our site.
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions! We highly appreciate your help!

Sincerely yours,
YouTrack Team

h2. YouTrack "Gentle" Stand-Alone 4.2 EAP Builds

The upcoming release of YouTrack 4.2 is focused on Zendesk Integration (["Gentle" will bring several highly anticipated updates including, but not limited to, the most wanted YouTrack feature so far --- localization (see the [original feature request|]). As of now, whichYouTrack is veryready anticipatedto byspeak youGerman, our users. It also brings you Jabber Bot, which allows you to [apply commands to issues via Jabber|]) and [YTD4:Import from Redmine].

French, and Russian, in addition to the default English. Spanish locaization will be added in later EAP builds. To select your system language, open the *Administration > Settings* page (you need low-level administrator permissions to do this) and choose from four currently available language options. Plus, if are a YouTrack Stand-alone user and a desired language isn’t available yet, you can translate YouTrack on your own. Or, you could create a personal YouTrack with your own slang, if you like. A How-To guide on this topic is coming soon.

The first EAP builds also contain re-designed full-screen issue mode, and create new and edit issue screens, new contrast color scheme for Agile Board, searching for similar issues ([JT-7048|]), cloning issues ([JT-4024|]), and other features, enhancements, fixes and so on.

{info}Please note that Agile Board enhancements ([feature request|]) are being actively developed at the moment and are not included in the EAP builds yet, so please stay tuned for updates!{info}

Please don't hesitate to grab your chance to influence the upcoming release! We would highly appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. Please share your opinion with us\!

{warning:title=Important Upgrade Notice!|icon=false}
We strongly recommend that you evaluate YouTrack 4.2"Gentle" EAP builds in a test environment, since *you will not be able to revert to YouTrack 4.1x* other than by rolling back to a pre-upgrade backup of your database and losing your progress along the way.!

*[EAP and RC build installation instructions|EAP Build Installation]*

|| Date || Build # || Links || Quality || Fixed issues || Details ||
| 12 FebMay 2013 | 5886 | [YouTrack 45.20 RCEAP (.exe)|] \\  [YouTrack 4 5.20 RCEAP (.jar)|] \\  [YouTrack 4 5.20 RCEAP (.war)|] | {rate:id=TT_5886} | [Release Notes|] | |
| 08 Feb 2013 | 5872 | [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.exe)*[Blog post|] \\  [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.jar)|] \\  [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.war)|] | {rate:id=TT_5872} | [Release Notes|] | |
| 04 Feb 2013 | 5841 | [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.exe)|] \\  [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.jar)|] \\  [YouTrack 4.2 EAP (.war)|] | {rate:id=TT_5841} | [Release notes|] | [Blog Post|] |

h3. YouTrack 4.2?p=2752]* |

h3. YouTrack "Gentle" EAP License

Provide the following YouTrack 4.2"Gentle" EAP license information during the initial setup procedure or later, on the *Administration > Settings* page of YouTrack's web UI.

{tip}{*}License user name*: EAP User
*License*: 13ded16602686426739f67c200131fed7f678a989d5190b12ea85f2d38321ee42beaf503c660a1393f30c757ee8abd629b354fa2d4678290a2649bfb75b395c099e9a25c08bbd728dc768eeacde296d02cfa0e8497d172f1540b65b490795e349e94d41a18d9a5df51fe419821ceb0345b4118ff8178703cc09b6b75583677392

h2. YouTrack Workflow Editor 4.2"Gentle" EAP Builds

|| Date || Version || OS Windows || Mac OS X || OS Linux || Multi-OS distribution ||
| 0828 Febmay 2013 | YouTrack Workflow Editor 4.2"Gentle" EAP | [Workflow Editor (exe) |] | [Workflow Editor (Mac OS) |] | [Workflow Editor (tar.gz) |] | [Workflow Editor (cross-platform) |] |


h2. YouTrack InCloud 4.1 EAP Instance

"Gentle" InCloud EAP Instance

For YouTrack InCloud users, we’ve created the following EAP instances where you can try out the newest features in the respective language:

* YouTrack 5.0 EAP in *French*:
* YouTrack 5.0 EAP in *German*:
* YouTrack 5.0 EAP in *Russian*:

On each of these instances, a registered user has permissions of a project administrator and thus can create and manage his own projects.  

Please help us improve current translations by sharing your feedback: simply create issues at the corresponding YouTrack instance. We appreciate your input! 

Welcome to YouTrack InCloud [*TimeGentle Tracking EAP Sandbox*|] instance. You can check the brand new time tracking functionality on live projects and issues or create your own project. Log in as a Guest user or Register a new user account. We suggest you reading [this blog post|—-welcome-youtrack-4-1-eap] for more details about upcoming Time Tracking.

|| Date || Build # || Links || Quality || Fixed issues || Details ||
| 02 Nov 2012 | 5584 RC | [WF Editor (.exe)|] \\  [WF Editor (.zip)|] \\  [WF Editor (.tar.gz)|] \\  [WF Editor (|] | {rate:id=TTWF_RC} | | |
| 12 Oct 2012 | 3167 | [WF Editor (.exe)|] \\  [WF Editor (.zip)|] \\  [WF Editor (.tar.gz)|] \\  [WF Editor (|] | {rate:id=TTWF_3167} | | |