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  • IntelliJ IDEA is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • The You can download the latest version for any platform you can download on from the official website.
  • The previous versions you can Earlier versions are available for download here.

2. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition or Ultimate?

  • Develop Do you develop for Java, Groovy, Scala or Android? Get a the free and open-source IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.
  • Develop Do you develop for web or enterprise? Get a free 30-days day trial for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate with an exclusive set of developer tools and frameworks supported.
  • For more details read the feature-by-feature editions comparison.

3. How can I get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for free?

  • Develop If you contribute to an open-source project? Show , show us your commits and get a personal license for free!
  • Student or take classes? Ask your trainer or teacher If you are a student, ask your instructor or trainer to get a classroom license for free!
  • Develop If you work for a company? Convince , convince your boss manager to buy a commercial license!


  • Windows: Run the .exe file and follows follow steps of the Installation Wizard.
  • Mac OS X: Open the .dmg package and drag/copy IntelliJ IDEA to the application folder.
  • Linux: Unpack .tar.gz archive and run bin/ file.

5. How do I customize the IDE


at first



  • When you run launch the IDE for the first run time, it will offer you to choose the plugins you would like to use. Later you will be able to change your choice selections in Settings → Plugins.

6. I'm used


to a different IDE


. What to do?

  • If you've worked with Eclipse before, we suggest to that you read the migration guide. Be prepared for the fact that Get ready for your life will to change forever (in a good way).!

7. How


do I get started with IntelliJ IDEA?

  • Check out tutorials and how-to guides on the at this dedicated website.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the latest video tutorials.
  • See the keymap in Help → Default Keymap Reference or on our website.

8. How do I submit the feedback?

  • The easiest and most easy and efficient way to get be heard is to submit an issue into our issue tracker.
  • Have a problem or just an idea how to make the user experience better? - Don’t hesitate to create an issue. The Our developer team will come up with to your help shortly.
  • Another option to submit feedback or get help from developer community is to ask on the discussion forum. Probably There's a good chance that someone already knows a solution.