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Both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA let you save all settings to a file. A settings file can then be imported later into another instance of the IDE. Note, though, that Eclipse has a direct Export button to export code styles. In IntelliJ IDEA, instead, you export and import all IDE settings, including code style schemes. You select

File →  Export Settings
and select Code style schemes.

To import a previously saved settings file you select

File →  Import Settings
IntelliJ IDEA allows to export and import IDE settings so that all users on a team can share the same settings, but this doesn't solve the problem of teaching IntelliJ IDEA to apply the settings in use in Eclipse.


The aforementioned plug-in brings Eclipse settings into IntelliJ IDEA. In case of a team where some members use IntelliJ IDEA and some others use Eclipse, the easiest is bringing Eclipse settings into IntelliJ through the plug-in.

Any other approach would anyway require that all relevant settings are manually entered and kept synced in both IDEs. It is then up to each team to decide about which code style settings are relevant to keep synced.