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Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<meta-runner name="Replace by Pattern">
  <description>Replace in files by pattern</description>
      <param name="basedir" value="" spec="text display='normal' regexp='.+' label='Directory where to perform replacement:'" />
      <param name="pattern_to_replace" value="" spec="text display='normal' regexp='.+' label='Pattern to replace:'" />
      <param name="substitution" value="" spec="text display='normal' regexp='.+' label='Substitution:'" />
      <param name="files_to_include" value="" spec="text display='normal' regexp='.+' label='Files to include (Ant patterns):'" />
      <param name="files_to_exclude" value="" spec="text display='normal' label='Files to exclude (Ant patterns):'" />
      <runner id="RUNNER_16" name="" type="Ant">
          <param name="build-file"><![CDATA[<project default="replace" name="ReplaceRegExp">

<target name="replace">

  <fileset dir="%basedir%">
    <include name="%files_to_include%"/>
    <exclude name="%files_to_exclude%"/>

<replaceregexp flags="g">
  <regexp pattern="%pattern_to_replace%"/>
  <substitution expression="%substitution%"/>
  <fileset dir="%basedir%">
    <include name="%files_to_include%"/>
    <exclude name="%files_to_exclude%"/>


          <param name="build-file-path" value="build.xml" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.emma.include.source" value="true" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.emma.instr.parameters" value="-ix -*Test*" />
          <param name="teamcity.coverage.idea.includePatterns" value="*" />
          <param name="teamcity.step.mode" value="default" />
          <param name="use-custom-build-file" value="true" />

In order to have it install this build runner in your TeamCity installation you need to write save this definition to a file under TeamCity Data Directory/config/_meta_runners/ directory. File should have name like:
<runner id>.xml, where <runner id> is unique identifier of this build runner. Server will detect this definition on will load it on the fly.

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